Research Design

Laptop data

In order to accelerate research from discovery to treatment, research teams need access to high-quality services and resources from the very beginning of the research design process. CTSI-CN provides critical support during this stage by facilitating access to versatile tools and knowledgeable subject matter experts. Explore the catalog of expertise, services, and resources available through CTSI-CN to help research teams start their health-advancing work on the right foot.

Research Design

Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD)

The PhD-level faculty and Master’s degree-trained biostatisticians and data managers supported by CTSI-CN BERD unit bring decades of expertise in research design to our research community. They provide comprehensive support to help investigators plan, implement, and analyze studies requiring quantitative methods and sophisticated data management. Visit the BERD page to learn more about these services and request four free hours of support for your project.

Team Science

Multidisciplinary research teams produce more publications, publish in a wider range of outlets, and generate more innovative products than solo scientists. CTSI-CN promotes team science by offering our research community expertise and funding to increase the amount, productivity, and impact of multidisciplinary approaches applied toward novel solutions to improve health and Health Equity. Visit the Team Science page to learn more about our services and activities.

Community Engagement

CTSI-CN actively engages our community in research through long-term, bi-directional partnerships with clinical and community organizations in the Washington, DC, area. Our experts offer guidance and resources to help our investigators employ scientific processes that are equitable and designed to lead to sustainable changes in community health. Visit the Community Engagement page to learn more about our services and activities.

Feasibility and Cohort Discovery

Successful implementation of a good research design hinges on the ability to recruit enough patients to carry out the research. CTSI-CN offers tools and guidance to help investigators determine at the development stage whether there is an existing patient population that will make their research design feasible. Visit the Recruitment page to learn more about our tools and services.

Proposal Development

A well-designed research study is only the first part of the research process. Turning your proposed research into a compelling proposal takes time and many careful considerations. Visit the Proposal Development page to access resources and education to help in creating a fundable proposal.