Conducting Research

Lab services

CTSI-CN offers an expansive portfolio of services, resources, and tools to help investigators and research teams conduct clinical trials and translational studies. Our support offerings cover the spectrum of translational research and are available throughout the research process, providing investigators with access to everything from clinical trial services to data science expertise to regulatory knowledge. Explore the catalog of expertise, services, and resources available through CTSI-CN to learn more about our research-accelerating capabilities.

Conducting Research

Clinical Trial Support Services

For investigators and research teams requiring supplementary support for their clinical trials, CTSI-CN offers an easily accessible suite of services through our Participant and Clinical Interactions (PCI) group. Investigators at Children’s National can utilize the services of our highly skilled team of research nurses and coordinators, process samples through our laboratory services, and receive consultative support on everything from study design and budget development to study closure. Visit the Clinical Trial Support page to learn more about our range of services.

Data Resources and Access

CTSI-CN offers facilitated access to a portfolio of local and national data sources to enable and support collaborative research and advance innovation in clinical and translational research. From accessing health records to utilizing large national datasets, our dedicated team of informaticians and data scientists help investigators harness the growing power of health data resources to enable scientific progress. Visit the Data Resources and Access page to learn more about our range of resources and services.


Through our support of the Children’s Research Institute Bioinformatics Unit, CTSI-CN offers essential bioinformatics services to the Children’s National research community. The Bioinformatics Unit provides a range of services to our investigators, including experimental design consultation, genomic sequencing capabilities, grant technical writing support, and data analysis services. Visit the Bioinformatics page to learn more about our range of resources and services.

Regulatory Support

A major key to accelerating research is ensuring minimal time is spent addressing regulatory roadblocks. CTSI-CN offers educational resources, tools, and knowledgeable support to help investigators anticipate potential time-wasting stoppages, avoid costly mistakes, and practice research in a safe and ethical manner. Visit the Regulatory Support page to learn more about our range of resources and services.

Multi-Site Trial Support

As part of the nationwide CTSA Network, CTSI-CN has the experience and connections to help investigators participate in multi-site clinical trials. Visit the Multi-Site Trials page for more information.

Clinical Research Management System

CTSI-CN has facilitated the implementation of OnCore, a clinical research management system (CRMS), at both GW and Children's National Hospital. For more information on the features and benefits of this CRMS, visit the Clinical Research Management System page.

Recruitment & Retention

Recruiting and retaining patients is a critical and difficult element of performing clinical and translational research. CTSI-CN provides investigators and research teams with intuitive recruitment tools and techniques that can help ensure studies produce relevant and accurate results. Visit the Recruitment & Retention page for more information on these tools and resources.